Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Ballet Week - Additional Tuesday Memory!!!

NOW it is done. At least most of it. Scanning of the photos (that are Glued to the album)...

Fiiiiiiinally I'm getting the Photos & Music -post done, but it is only...
...volume 1!
Ballet Week is an idea I got from Hannah's Blog. 

Today it's all about ME! Haha! Well... it really is. These photos are from my Early Days, the First dance/ballet era. *** PLEASE, do not use the photos without asking me first. Thank you :) *** I'll attach some music, too bad I don't know all the pieces we did. But now, let's go!

My very first: The hedgehog goes milking. Or something :)

Probably my second, Bella Bimba :)

We had the music in Finnish, but could't find it in youtube :( Maybe Dean Martin is ok... :D

Also from my second year: Aunt Monica! I had The Most Amazing slippers, have to find another photo with them :) But I Did find our original music (the video is a bit... something).

I was too lazy to cut the edges off, sorry ;) But this seems like a Dance of the Mice, I think.

I'm not the one on front. You'll recognize me from my "smile" :D

These were taken after my First Real Ballet performance, The Chinese Dance! I was part of a dragon. Btw: Check out my fingers!!! I still remember how our teacher said they should be - thumb near the middle joint of the middle finger.

Here you can also see my First Ballet Leotard and the Very First Ballet Shoes :) Also we had this brownish eye-shadow (our teacher did our make-up). You can also notice my belly :D

This is from the Carnival of the Animals. I do have more photos, but they'll have to wait... ;)

The morning mood, by Grieg. I'm the one in the middle, swishing around... Btw, this was a set-up photo, not from the actual performance.

Still the Morning Mood. Probably the only real group picture I have.. You'll recognize me from the back row as the one who looks like falling any minute, haha... :) I like this costume very much.

Tomorrow will present the last part of my Ballet Week -experience.
I have a fun idea for it!
p.s. How interesting is this: many of the musics I put here have FLUTE in them, in a big role...
(or a piccolo in the Chinese)
...and I'm a flutist! :)
See you tomorrow!

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