Thursday, April 25, 2013

You know it's Spring when...

...the dance recitals are coming closer and closer! My first one (of the 2 I've got) is this Sunday, yikes... Well, not in a bad way, it was a happy yikes :)

This week we'll be on stage with one ballet class (the Friday group) and one jazz class (Sunday folks). I like both choreographies, especially the latter. The music is by Feist, a song called The Bad In Each Other. We're not doing the whole song, only about 2 minutes of it. I'm sorry I can't share our training video here, but we have a cooool lift in the end - 4 girls lifting, 1 going up, all quite dramatic... :) But here's the video of the song:

With the ballet class we're doing a waltz from the 3rd act of Sleeping Beauty (the beginning of pas de quatre, the jewel fairies). The choreo is by our teacher, but if I remember correctly, she said it's reminding (a little) a version she performed in her active days as a dancer. 

About the costumes...

For the jazz number we have Black. All of it, pants/leggings/tights (which ever one is wearing) and tops/shirts. Jazz slippers/shoes or these "ankle-high" socks (well, the very low ones :D). 

For ballet - we all have a leotard of lilac, long sleeves and a bit shiny material, ballet pink tights, soft slippers (I'm hoping everyone has pink ones), and 2 knee-length tutus (lower one is this kind of peachy color and on top it's white with 2 satin ribbons on the hem). I think it'll look quite nice, as the leotard is high enough in the front (covers my cleavage ;D) and the tutus flow like cotton candy! Hmm... Not the best image, maybe. But they are quite fluffy, "ma non tanto" (but not too much). Whirly (as we do soutenus and pirouettes) like a happy Spring brook. 

A photo from our dressing room :)

I'm not wearing those Elastosplit-slippers on stage, been saving a pair of quite new Pumps for the recitals. But I like them in studio, they fit nicely and show the arch properly (if it's there or not).

I like our costuming, but have to say that it feels funny to be in ballet pink tights again. I have nothing against them, nope, but I've been wearing these different colored leggings almost all year. But I like to think that it gives a small extra feeling (boost) to the show, when Even the tights are different from usual. 

Tomorrow we'll have the final/adieu class with Madame D. There's going to be a new teacher giving her classes in Autumn. I will miss her, the classes have been a strict and clear experience, with good advice on movements (from the very base of them). She's been emphasizing on how important it is to know Why things are done as they are, why we practice certain things on barre - what's the use later on (in jumps etc.). So, a bit of sadness in the air, too. But you give and you get. I've been working hard in her guidance, and so have the others. Madame D gave as a (rare) compliment last week: "It is so great to look at you!" ...after a well-done tendu routine (or plies, don't remember exactly). 

I hope to meet her again somewhere.

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