Thursday, February 28, 2013

Color Your Legs!

For a long time I'd been thinking about this photo project, usually so late in the evening that it wasn't possible anymore (because of lighting). But on Monday I remembered it in the afternoon and finally made it happen!

Here's what it was in the beginning...

So, in about 4 years or so I've "collected" a bunch leggings (and some tights). At first I got them to wear with skirts and dresses in the summer, but 2 and a half years ago it changed a bit. I started ballet again, first wearing these black capri pants, but soon didn't like to wear them anymore in class. The were too loose, you couldn't see knees properly. So, these days it's always leggings + shorts. I wear tights almost only for the recitals in Christmas and Spring time.

About the financial side... I could have written "Sponsored by H&M and Seppälä Store" as caption. Well, I have paid for them alright, but I bought (most of) them in these 2 shops. Always as a 3 pairs for 2 or other bargains/offers. The only ones I've paid full price were 4 pairs of ballet pink tights by Intermezzo (my favorite convertibles!) and Bloch. Anyway, if you divide the costs for 4 years, it isn't much. And I have worn them, almost all. Not yet the bright yellows nor one orange pair, but they're on their way ;)

...and this is what I ended up with! :)

Have a colorful weekend!

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