Friday, April 26, 2013

More Alice!

Just bumbed into some video clips by Royal Opera House that were new to me. They are about two of my current favorite "things", Wheeldon's ballet Alice's Adventures and the crazycool dancer Zenaida Yanowsky. I still find Queen of Hearts as one of the roles I'd dance, if I was to choose. I'm not the most princessy type, nor maybe the delicate spirit floating in the woods. But then again, these aren't any Definite Opinions... ;)

Back to business. Here are the videos! First the one I noticed when flipping through ROH's page in youtube.

I love seeing how such artists as dancers & singers & actors work on their role. Too bad there isn't more material like this available, or too much of it, to be exact. But you know what is "the best" part here? I've got the same legwarmers as she does! :)

This second bit tells more about creating the whole work. I have heard (and watched) in another clip Mr Wheeldon telling about his part, but this one has also some interviewing of the composer. And as a musician I'm very interested in that point of view, too. 

Have to go now, to put some Red in my hair... ;)

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