Monday, May 13, 2013

Get on stage - tomorrow!

It's Monday evening and I'm sitting in the kitchen, with ALL my make-up on the table. Have to figure out what eyeshadow will be on my eyelids tomorrow. Also my hair is almost un-naturally tidy-looking, combed all very neatly and close to my skull, put together with masses of pins and bottles of hairspray. My hair is too short to make any kind of bun at the moment, but if you look from the front, you Could be mistaken. I Could have a neat bun, somewhere back there. Had to try it (all the combing and pinning) today, just to see if it's even possible and how it'll hold (we had an hour long rehearsal).

So, I should put all my things together for tomorrow. By this time (I've been home a bit more than 2 hours now) I've managed to eat, update my facebook a little and bring all the mascaras etc. here. So, I still have some stuff to do... :D Luckily I've got all of tomorrow off from work. So I can pack in the afternoon. Have to be at The House about at 4pm, on stage at 4.45pm. But I'll probably go even earlier, just to see others rehearsing on stage, it's nice to sit in the audience for a change :)

These days I'm using ->

This is the palet, but my color choice is Twilight Zone ->

My favorite for a long time :) ->

My color is number 15 - Vintage Red. ->

Really, I have to admit that I'm probably one of the laziest women to wear lipstick. I do like it, but a) my lips are for some reason super sensitive and get sore so easily... and b) I can't (don't like to) wear any when playing flute. That's why I buy quite cheap ones.

I'll have powder and blush and other skin-coloring stuff too, but don't have the energy to dig those photos up.

So. What do I have to remember, besides make-up?

  • the black leotard
  • 2 pairs of ballet pink tights (make sure they don't have unnecessary holes)
  • bottle of light pink nailpolish (IF the tights get holes, both pair I mean)
  • the yellow "gown" for P's number (Peter Pan, the 2nd star to the right)
  • the golden star -headpiece, also for P's
  • the flowery dress for L's number (Schindler's List)
  • black small cardigan, also for L's
  • maybe a small scarf (-//-, but not mandatory)
  • one pair of soft ballet slippers, pink ones (or maybe 2 pairs? well... what could happen to the first ones...)
  • legwarmers, shorts and some warm-ish shirt (maybe also woollen socks, I'm too lazy to put shoes on and take them off, to put slippers on and take them off)
  • pins and hairspray, comb
  • make-up bag
  • something to drink
  • something to eat
  • something to knit (if there's spare time)
  • (Do I Really Need All Of This???)
  • (Yes.)
  • cards etc. to give to the teachers
  • camera (optional), phone (mandatory!), wallet (yes!)
  • ...and finally - lots of joy and happy spirit! I love being on stage! :)

Photo by Tristram Kenton ->

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