Thursday, September 6, 2012

Some slippers

Right. I've had now 5 ballet classes and met all my ballet teachers for this season. I was glowing (apparently dancers do not sweat) during all of them, enjoyed myself very much. Madame P.S. has the most challenging routines, but I like it. She also has pointe work in the end, so I've now tried the new gaynors for real. And found out that the suede platform squeaks on the dance mat we have. It feels even a bit tacky, when we did stuff in the middle. So I'm guessing it'll take some time to get used to them. The sole is lovely, getting over the box feels easy (and as madame said, it looks that way too). I still Might want to try the sole that's a bit harder. But that would be after a year or so. Or even later than that.

Couple of posts ago I showed some photos of my "tune-the-slippers" day. I thought I'd present the results, too. So, here they are :)

Under the toes.

Under the heel.

Tiny stiches :)

First make a double knot, then cut the drawstring. Finally some tape and voilà!

Seems neat on the outside :)
This is what I usually use, good strong cotton thread  (actually meant for buttons). Not Too strong, but just perfect :) And the color couldn't be better!
The thread in action. 
There'll be a post about the gaynors later on. And yay! Tomorrow there's a class again :) 


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