Saturday, October 6, 2012

Star Dance, May 1992

It's been a while since I posted. There's actually no big reason for it, just been a bit tired with the gloomy weather in my part of Finland (the whole country, to be exact). But I've been going to classes, enjoying them and even learning new stuff. I had an idea of writing about music & motivation it gives, but shall save it for later. Today I'm presenting a tiny bit of my childhood :)

One ballet friend's mom takes the same classes with me nowadays, she gave me a vhs cassette from our (ancient) Spring recital in 1992. I think the date was 19th of May. It was held at the town theatre, like always. Our class was grade 2 at that time, youngest was probably about 8-9, oldest 11-12. This is the first one of the two numbers we had, called Star Dance (or Dance of the stars). Our teacher made it, her name is mentioned in the beginning (Arja). This might have been one of the first time we had tutus! :)

At first I didn't remember this at all, but as I watched, some parts came out of nowhere to my mind! :D How fun and curious... (p.s. The video is hidden, so people won't find it unless they've seen it here.)



  1. Awwww.... :) Teki mieli kaivaa omat vanhat videotkasetit ja katsella jotain ekoja balettiesityksiä!

    1. Nää on kyllä niin meganostalgisia! :D Muistatko miltä vuosilta sulla on niitä näytöksiä olemassa?