Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Spectacle

Okay, now my official classes for this Autumn-Winter season are over. We had the recital this evening and everything went well, in my opinion :) The only "negative" thing was that our number was only 1,5 minutes long (or short). The stage at Verkatehdas is so wide that we really had to take loooong steps to get in right places (running ballerinas). But it was Such Fun! I really miss the days when we had more numbers, 2-3 with the ballet class, then a jazz number, also a contemporary one... *sigh*

Btw, our music was "Ballet dancer" by Adlan Cruz, a lovely piano piece. You'll find it in Spotify, if you're interested :)

I wanted to get some new things for the performance, even though I Could have managed with the old ones... Anyway, this web store called Zalando happened to have dance gear from Bloch in their selection, also they didn't have any mailing fees. Aaaand the delivery was supposed to be 4-6 working days (and it was!). So, this is what I got:

Endura -tights by Bloch

Sissonne -leotard by Bloch

...the backside...

Also I ordered a pair of Zenith-slippers, the new model made of strechy canvas. And I can tell you, they are Very comfortable. And they do strech. The heel has some reinforcement, like the Pump model. Split soles, both inside and outside. And there's a piece of rubber band / elastic between the inner sole patches, with gives the arch kind of support (or at least it looks nice). Didn't wear them to the recital though, wanted to have something I was more familiar with. So I had my Pumps on :)

Our dress was a dress/tunic from GinaTricot, fabric was very light tricot in color of choclity brown. Short sleeves, not too low neckline. The hem was shorter in front than in the back, knees were visible (front). It was actually quite nice to wear and looked pretty on stage, flowing with the movement :) I tried to find a photo, but there's none. Have to wait for the photos from the dance school. And the dvd, yikes... ;)

Here's one shot of my head piece, which was a bit worn out :D But still I think they looked very nice. Notice the "Greek style"... :P

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