Thursday, November 8, 2012

Warning! Some legs visible...

On Monday I arrived at our studio a bit early, so I got the fun idea of taking some photos of my legs. Via mirror of course, because there were no others yet. And I wouldn't have asked them anyway, don't have the guts... :D

In the dressing room there's a pipe of some sort in the ceiling. I stood up (en pointe) and held on to it, with one hand, the other trying to take a wobbly photo. My goal was to get a profile shot of both legs/feet, not to look at the turnout or anything, just to see the arch, the knee etc. The texts in the photos are in Finnish, but the translations are given in the captions :) And just to remind you and me myself, these are definitely for fun, no serious meanings here.

"Full weight" on my right leg... and the left looks stupid :D
For comparison, full weight on the left leg.

My favorite warm-ups! :)

I have to say that I do like my righ one better. But to defend the left, it has was broken 2,5 years ago. So keeping that in mind, I'm quite happy :) About the leg warmers, I saw the same kind in THIS video! :D But I got mine before I saw it. And as I'm also quite tall (and not too skinny....), these look shorter on me than on that ballerina. But they are still very nice!

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