Saturday, May 26, 2012

Some shows, I say!

Today was my pre-summer-vacation-day. Went to Helsinki for a meeting with flute society people, after which with a colleague to see the Marimekko Fashion Show. And it was starred by the dancers of our National Ballet! :)

Little preview by me - Minna Tervamäki opened the show! :)

Managed to fetch tickets for next week - the first round of Helsinki International Ballet Competition. Classical variations. Then it was time to take another tourist class - this time with a new teacher I'd heard so much good about. It was a beginners' level (60 minutes), but worth every second. Mrs G. came by many times and fixed things with me. Loved it all.

After class - to a cafe with a ballet (geek) friend, then to the Senate Square -> National Ballet's (free) performance! Bits and pieces of many works, all danced with heart and soul. Weather was as superb as the artists, audience was Big.

Just a small part of us.

Well, there was also my current favorite on stage - the one on the left! :) 

The only thing that didn't turn out as good as I would've liked was the photos. A small digital camera just isn't that much. But still I got some memories captured, so it's all fine and I'm very happy!

Have to write more about this all tomorrow. Or on Sunday. When I'm already officially on vacation. YAY!

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