Thursday, June 21, 2012

Le Corsaire - 3rd Odalisque variation

Without realizing it, I've been practicing a variation from Le Corsaire for about a week now. Today our teacher said that we'll start doing it when she finds a good version of the music. I was making cartwheels inside my head, it's going to be sooooooo fun! Teacher didn't say exactly which variation, but said that we'll rehearse some steps already, just with different music. 

As I got home, I decided to look through some youtube videos, if it would reveal this secret. And it did, quite soon even. And I realized we started to work on it already last week, the diagonal part (in 5.22) with arabesques and pirouettes en dehors. 

Here it is -> starts at 4.54, danced by Gillian Murphy herself. Not bad, I think... ;)

p.s. We won't be doing it en pointe, but I don't mind - wouldn't be possible for me at least :)

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