Saturday, March 17, 2012

In the meanwhile, some outfits...

Have been feeling a bit off this week, so decided to skip yesterday's class. My conscience is blue-ish because of it, but it was a good decision. Today we had a Suzuki training day in Kouvola, had to wake up early, catch a train there and back and so on... So now I'm extremely tired, soon to bed. BUT first some sets I put together this evening :)

St. Patrick's outfit 2012

This first one is inspired by St. Patrick's Day, which happens to be today! I've actually never celebrated it, as it isn't a tradition in Finland. Except in the Irish pubs ;) But found a gorgeous dress, shoes (Louboutin, baby, yeah!) and stuff in polyvore, and there it was. The Green outfit.

My work outfit vol.1

And this is basically what I wore today. My stripe shirt had a bit bigger stripes, but the coloring is the same. Also the collar is about the same. Jeans, cardigan = exactly the same. Shoes - I have those black superstars and I Love them, so decided to put them there (as I couldn't find those that I actually had on). The bag I do have and use it a Lot (mine has some red details, but the main color is black). Earrings, well, close enough :)


And now - some reading, lots of sleeping.

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